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On-site substrate characterization in the anaerobic digestion context: a dataset of near infrared spectra acquired with four different optical systems on freeze-dried and ground organic wastes.

The near infrared spectra of thirty-three freeze-dried and ground organic waste samples of various biochemical composition were collected on four optical systems, including a laboratory spectrometer (Buchi FT-NIR NirFlex N-500), a transportable spectrometer (ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket) with two measurement configurations (an immersed probe, and a polarized light system (PoLis)) and a micro-spectrometer (Si-ware FT-NIR NeoSpectra). The provided data contains one file per spectroscopic system including the reflectance or absorbance spectra with the corresponding sample name and wavelengths (nm). A reference data file displaying carbohydrates, lipid and nitrogen content, biochemical methane potential and chemical oxygen demand for each sample is also provided. This data enables the comparison of the optical systems for predictive model calibration based for example on Partial Least Square Regression (PLS-R), but could be used more broadly to test new chemometrics methods. For example, the data could be used to evaluate different transfer functions between spectroscopic systems. (2021-01-22)