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Vis-NIR spectroscopic assessment of soil aggregate stability and aggregate size distribution in the Belgian Loam Belt.

We explored the possibility of using laboratory Visible-Near infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy to predict aggregate mean weight diameter (MWD), and three aggregate size fractions (i.e. clay+silt, microaggregate (63–250μm) and macroaggregate (>250μm)) resulting from wet-sieving. Two spectra-based approaches, one (SPF approach) that built direct linkage between soil spectra and four AS indexes via partial least squares regression and the other (SPF+PTF approach) that established pedotransfer functions based on spectroscopically predicted elementary soil properties, were developed on a total of 83 topsoil samples collected in the Belgian Loam Belt. The data, including laboratory measurements of soil properties and soil spectral data, provided here will allow the analyses described above. (2020-06-04)